Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Has it really been 3 months since I posted last? Where has the time gone? And is it really possible that I only have 4 more weeks before my life is changed completely? It seems like its all happened in the blink of an eye.

We're all still here, Lulu, Jax, Mr. Football, myself and little bean (although he's not so little anymore). Things have changed and things have stayed the same. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and are getting ready for our big arrival.

Being pregnant really hasn't been that bad. I guess I always imagined that everything that could go wrong would, so imagine my surprise when my only issue so far has been some high blood sugars. Don't get me wrong, being a gestational diabetic is a serious issue and can cause significant health issues for the baby and I, but just watching what I eat and checking my sugars several times a day has been enough to keep me on tract. I will say it has helped me to not gain the 97 lbs I would have if I didn't have to be on this diet. Especially now, when I feel huge and want to eat everything under the sun. I know that an hour later I'll have to check my sugar and I feel really bad when they're high...guilt, its the best motivation.

Other than waiting for little one's arrival, things are definitely changing around our household. Mr. Football just recieved his orders and will be going back to an air craft carrier so our little family will be relocating in a few months. I'm not so big on change so adjusting to having a baby was stressful enough, now we're also trying to sell our house and find a new place to live in an unfamiliar city...(anyone interested in a 3 BR house, its in a cute neighborhood and has new appliances???)

With that I will leave you with a few new pics...I can't believe I thought I was big in my last posts...and I never would have imagined how big I could get...and he just keeps growing!

And now...introducing