Friday, February 27, 2009

It's About Time

It's 8:20 in the morning, I've worked 6 out of the last 7 nights.

I'm watching Lost and eating girl scout cookies.

Don't judge me.

Tonight I will catch up on the blogging world.

But for now...

I think I'll have another caramel delite.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This week is flying by and I can't keep up.

-Monday night I was off, but after working all weekend and staying up extra early to wait for Mckmama's Not Me Monday (wait, I'd never stay up until noon after working all night...) I pretty much was dead to the world Monday night. The hubby was a little miffed that I didn't want to hang out with him and would rather nap on the couch on my only night off...

-My tiramisu is a little stronger than I can in I followed the recipe exactly, and now theres too much alcohol for me to enjoy it. Why didn't I use less alcohol? I know that I can't handle a lot... I'll never understand myself sometimes.

-Tuesday I went to our March of Dimes kickoff meeting and it was surprisingly fun! There were lots of cute NICU grads and their families so I was in heaven. I think we're going to do awesome this year, and have fun doing it too.

-After the meeting I went to work for a few hours, I'm greedy afterall and I have plane tickets to purchase.

-After work (midnight-ish) headed over to Little S's house to work on our poster for the Conference next week. Can you tell we're night shift workers, who else would plan to get together at midnight?? Its done by the way...thank goodness.

-Tonight after I make dinner (because I promised the hubby that I would cook sometime this week) I'll be headed back into work a regular shift.

Left to do this week...

-Thursday night there's a benefit meeting for my dear friends the P family and Baby Bryson.
-Thursday night after the meeting, I'll be heading back into work...again. (When does retirement start?)
-Then I'm off for 2 days!!!! I can't wait. I promise to catch up on everyone's lives once mine isn't so crazy.
-Sunday, the madness starts over. I. Can't. Wait.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Its that time again...time to confess the things I absolutely did NOT do this week. Make sure to head over to Mckmama's to see what everyone else didn't do!

-I did NOT have such a craving for tiramisu after our Valentines Day dinner that I went out and spent an undisclosed amount of money this morning buying the ingredients...have I ever made tiramisu before you ask...that would be a NO.

-This week I did NOT finally give in and work an extra shift. I am NOT planning several mini-vaca's this summer and I do NOT have to earn a few extra bucks to pay for them.

-I am NOT really bummed that one of our big summer plans fell though and we're no longer all that camper hunting for nothing...

-I did NOT complain all weekend when everyone else received girlscout cookies that mine weren't here yet because I obviously ordered from the wrong person...then said person showed up to work today and told me my cookies were here...and I definitely did NOT forget to bring money to pay cookies til Friday I guess.

-No matter what you may have read, I did NOT clean my house AND plan dinners for the nights that I worked this weekend. I am NOT becoming semi-domesticated.

-I did NOT invite Little S over the other night to work on a project for a work convention we have coming up and then decide to have game night instead. The girls team did NOT totally kick the boy's butts.

-I did NOT find out the other day that since Little S and I didn't attend the last planning meeting for the convention we were kicked off the committee...I am NOT thoroughly pissed and I do NOT totally want to abandon our project now. Grr...

-I also did NOT find out that since I'm not going to this weeks convention planning meeting (out of spite) I have time to go to our March of Dimes kickoff dinner...Yay! And a sweet little man that I primaried (or took care of consistently) who was a former 24 weeker is going to be this years March of Dimes Ambassador...he's 2 now and too too cute!

Well thats it for my week...make sure to visit Mckmama for more fun "Not Me's!"

Friday, February 20, 2009


Right Now...

-The laundry is finished and put away in the first time in weeks months??
-The floors are swept.
-The rugs are vacuumed.
-The dishes are clean, in the dishwasher still, but clean (I'm still me afterall)
-The bathroom is bleached to an inch of our lives.
-The house smells like Yankee Candle, as opposed to wet dog.

Why you may ask?

I'd love to answer that I'm trying to be a better housewife, I've had a few days off of work and decided to be productive, that I'm working on changing my ways...

But in reality, MY SISTER IS HERE!!!!!

My sis and her husband came to stay for the night. He has an appointment here tomorrow morning and instead of driving 3 hours tomorrow, they came up tonight! Yay!

My sister is several years older than I am, I did not grow up with her as my "sister" she was more of a second "mom"...and a very strict annoying one to boot. We didn't get close until we lived together while I was in college. She was going back to school and I was starting...I didn't think we'd both make it out alive.

The opposite happened, we became best friends. I'm closer to my sister now then I've ever been. I know that we are always there to support each other unconditionally. She and her husband moved away after we graduated and I miss having her around all the time. I love spending time with her and I wish that we lived closer together. Sigh. Maybe someday.

We graduated the same weekend, she from pharmacy school and I from nursing

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1/4 of the year

Today Mr. Loves-football-more-than-life and I, Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated have been married 4 months. Thats 1/4 of the year, thats 123 days, 2952 hours...

We've had our good days together and and our bad days together and we wouldn't have it any other way...together.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

busy night

I saved a baby's testicle last night...what did you do?
We went by ambulance, lights and sirens to save this baby's family jewels.
I know that its a very serious situation, and terrifying for this family...
but it IS pretty funny to think about.
My job has so many ups and downs, when things are bad...they're really bad
so sometimes you need some comic relief.
(And I'm not a totally insensitive cruel b*tch, his "boys" are going to be just fine. I'd probably think VERY differently had the situation been different.)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to this weeks free therapy session hosted by MckMama...basically it's a list of everything I absolutely did not do this week...right. Here goes nothing!

-This week I did NOT feel incredibly old after our ski trip. I was NOT so sore that I couldn't move and I did NOT have bruises everywhere...and I am NOT dying to go snowboarding again...

-I did NOT read The Host in 2 days this week...I did NOT really really like it, even though I'm not really into books like that, I do NOT wish that Stephenie Meyer had more books published...

-I did NOT drag the hubby to the bookstore on Valentines day while waiting for our table and leave with nothing because Amazon has better prices. The hubby did NOT say to me last night that maybe I should have bought any book because he saw me re-reading The Host. (I've already ordered the Sookie Stackhouse books and they should be here by early next week. I also saved 25$ by ordering them through amazon...)

-I was NOT asleep by 11:00 on Valentines day, I am NOT that old and tired...

-We did NOT look at buying a camper this week. I am NOT totally psyched and I can't wait til the details are figured out so that I can share...

-We also did NOT buy a new dining room table/chairs and coffee table/end tables. We definitely did NOT need them...and we apparently do NOT think we're made of money and feel like we can be big spenders all of a sudden...

-We did NOT have dinner with the P family last tonight at their house (yay!) and have a wonderful time. It did NOT feel like things were back to normal, except when it was medication time and he had to get a

-I am NOT totally devastated about Bryson's diagnosis and prognosis, but I WILL keep my head up and be strong for his family. We WILL all get through this and accept whatever happens. Everything happens for a reason right?


So theres a list of random things I would never about you? Visit MckMama for other great Not Me's!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Day

The hubby and I had a pretty relaxed Valentine's Day (which is also our 5 year anniversary)...

Our First Date

-I woke up late, he woke up early (our typical pattern)
-Grabbed some lunch

-Stopped and checked out some campers (for a very exciting reason, details soon!)
-Came back home, he watched the race, I took a nap (I sleep alot)
-Got ready for dinner
-Had to change dinner plans because the restaurant I wanted to go to was Reservation's only, and they were!

-Went to a different restaurant...YUM!

-We had crab and lobster dip, I ordered fettuccine with lobster and he had shrimp and crab delish...and so filling
-I had a glass of homemade Sangria...and I don't drink so half a glass was all I needed

-On the way out of the restaurant I saw someone's dessert
-Cried to the hubby all the way to the car that I now wanted dessert
-He went and bought me a piece of tiramisu togo

-Rented Pineapple Express and Swing Vote
-Got home, ate my tiramisu watched half and hour of Pineapple Express and fell asleep.

We're party animals...

Friday, February 13, 2009

bitter sweet

Yesterday results came back about Bryson's tumor and it has the MYCN gene, which pretty much means that the tumor continuously makes copies of it just keeps growing and regenerating.

This was a pretty big blow to their family. He was upgraded to the High Risk category now. The chemo treatments from last weekend are now considered obsolete and they will start over with much more aggressive treatments when the next course is due. We are scared but always knew this was a possibility. Please continue your prayers for this sweet baby boy...

About half an hour ago the family finally got home. They were discharged from the hospital for the weekend and are going to try to spend some normal time together...aside from his ATC meds and injections that is. He will have lab work drawn again Monday, so hopefully they can have a peaceful weekend. Oh, and of course their situation must get more complicated...Mama P just found out unexpectedly that she's 8 weeks pregnant.

The hubby and I are planning an evening at home tonight, game night with some friends. We're very romantic aren't we...any one else have fun Valentines day plans?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


On my drive home this morning from work my outside temperature read 51 degrees....51!!!! Its raining, which is ok because the snow is finally completely melted. Can it be possible that spring is almost here?
...Ok probably not. Its supposed to be 30 again this weekend but thats still better than the negatives. I figured since its just balmy out I'd post our pics from this weekend.

The hubby and I...doesn't he look thrilled

Mama Cookie and Mr. T

Me and Little S

A very intense game of Phase 10

Yeah, we're super dorks.

My super super cute snowboard...

One of the few good things that came from the ex...

And a quick B-dawg update:

He had his first chemo treatments this weekend and everything went well. He tolerated the treatments very well actually. He's been awake and happy. He loves to look at his toys and watch his baby einstein dvd's. He has been throwing up a few times a day, especially with meds but once he does he's a happy boy again. It's hard to imagine him being a sick baby, because he doesn't look sick, or act sick. But he's just proving how very strong he is...and what an infectious smile he has.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

When I started my blog I was determined to be one of the first participants in MckMama's "Not Me Monday" every week. So much so that I'd stay up late at night just to see if she'd posted yet...which isn't too uncommon for me since I work nights. Then I'd either stay up til the wee hours of the morning or get up super early to see if I could get in the top 10 or 20 or 30. Wait, I would NEVER do that... hmm.

Well this week I woke up late, almost forgot about MckMama's wonderful blog carnival, and then debated not posting at all.

I then remembered all the things I did NOT do this week, and this weekend especially and decided that it was so worth sharing with everyone. Thanks MckMama for the free therapy!

-This week I did NOT spend more hours at the hospital then at home. I was not there before work, during work and after work pretty much everyday. Because of NOT spending so much time at the hospital my house is NOT completely disgusting.

-I did NOT have a root canal and hair appointment scheduled for the same day. I did NOT figure if I was good and went to my dentist appointment then I could reward myself with a "new do". The root canal was NOT horribly painful and my dentist did NOT prescribe me 2 pain killers after... and my hair is NOT super cute.

-I did NOT consider it pretty fortunate that my dentist prescribed 2 pretty heavy duty pain killers right before our snowboarding trip. I would NEVER take medications for any other reason other than prescribed. I'm a nurse after all...

-Our car trip up North did NOT consist of Mr. Football and Mr. T driving and us girls watching DVD's in the back, for the entire 5 hours. We always do our share and drive or keep our men company...

-I did NOT fall over and over and over again trying to snowboard. I did NOT think that since I used to know what I was doing, this would be a piece of cake. I do NOT hurt, and I am NOT taking Motrin 800 around the clock...

-I did NOT almost die several times on the slopes after professional children skiers tried to run me over.

-We did NOT spend the remaining part of the weekend crying over our aches and pains, we are NOT that old!

-I am NOT still sore today (2 days later) and dreading the drive to my parents to pick up the pups. I do NOT enjoy my quiet house and really want to clean it before the dogs come back and destroy it all over again. I am NOT catching up on cheesy reality TV (Rock of Love/Tool Academy) while I could be cleaning. Its a vicious cycle...

Well I feel better, make sure to check out MckMama's site for more confessions. I know I will, once Tool Academy is over of course...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I didn't realize how old I am until today...

My entire body hurts, I have bruises in places that should never be bruised...

I almost died getting run over by 10 year olds...


Pictures coming soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lets go!

This afternoon we are leaving for our ski trip. While it makes me sad to leave with everything going on I think it will actually be a good break. We're driving 4 and a half hours north to play in the snow...something that I've been complaining about all winter. But I'm actually really excited about it.

About a million years ago (or maybe in high school) I was a snowboarding junkie. I'd go several times a week with my Mr. at the time...we'll refer to him as "Mr. Not-so-Motivated"...and I was pretty decent. When he and I decided to part ways, I shoved all of my snowboarding paraphernalia in the back of the closet and locked it away with all my resentful feelings toward him. This included the brand new snowboard and bindings that he had given me that Christmas.

When Mr. Football moved to the blistery north he kept making comments about wanting to go skiing, he's NEVER been out on the slopes. So for the past 3 years we've tried to plan a ski/snowboarding trip for his birthday since he was conveniently born in January...peak snow sporting time. This is the FIRST year we've been able to plan a trip.

I hesitantly dug out all of my snowboarding gear and my snowboard and decided that it doesn't bother me all that much. Actually my snowboard is quite cute and I'm pretty excited to use it for the first time ever (since I've had it for a million years, or 8...) I did have an anxiety attack last night at work about the whole situation. I was thinking about things I needed for the trip and realized my bodacious booty is a little lot bigger than it used to be and that it may not fit into my gear anymore. Side note, I tried my stuff on tonight and it does fit...phew!

So tomorrow Mama Cookie, Mr. T, Mr. Football, Little S and I will be heading north to enjoy the slopes. I'll be using my downtime when I'm sore and I don't can't ride anymore to be checking up on all the blogs I missed during the last week. I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the prayers and encouraging words. We're trying to deal with this horrible situation in the best way we can by being there for our friends. They have a truly amazing spirit and I KNOW that they will overcome this. If you'd like to read her views and feelings please let me know. She has her own site where she updates on his progress and visitors can leave comments. I know she finds a lot of peace reading the comments left on her site, so leave me your email and I'll send you the link.

And since I just can't resist showing his adorableness, I had to post these...

They have a wonderful friend in their lives who happens to be a photographer. They met when their engagement photos were done and she has continued to follow their lives through their wedding, pregnancy, birth and newborn shots. When she found out about Bryson she went immediately to the hospital to offer comfort and support. In the process she was able to capture these amazing photos. These were taken the weekend before surgery. They will have these to remember their precious little boy in the perfect body he was born in. Thank you for being a wonderful friend JP, they are blessed to have you in their lives.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Bryson did well in surgery yesterday. They decided to put in a venous port which is a permanent IV access site so that he doesn't need to be poked constantly for IV's and labs and they did a biopsy of the tumor. The results won't be in until Wednesday sometime but from the looks of the tumor itself they're thinking a Neuroblastoma...which is not what we wanted. So we'll just be waiting for another 24 hours to find out what has upturned our lives.

I have to appologize for not having anything fun or exciting to blog about. When I initially started this blog it was to write about my everyday life as a newlywed. It was supposed to be lighthearted and fun...which with the help of Mr. Loves-football-more-than-life I think I accomplished that...

How I wish we could go back to that. I wish that we could just hang out in the evenings, have him ask me "whats for dinner" and I give him the "look" back because he surely knows I'll be leaving for work in an hour. I wish that I had more chaotic doggy stories to share. I wish that I could be excited about our ski trip this weekend, or that we could be planning our Disney trip, where we would have been celebrating Bryson's first birthday. Instead my life has revolved around working, visiting and being strong with my best friends and being a source of information for our friends and co-workers. I've barely seen Mr. Football, other than at the hospital and briefly before or after he or I works.

I guess I'm just frustrated with not having any answers like everyone else, and I'm still wondering...what just happened to our lives?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome toMckMama's Not Me Monday's where we all get a little free dose of therapy. It's been a pretty crazy and emotional week, so I'm ready to get all of the things I did NOT do off of my chest.

-I did NOT start off the week planning a fun birthday gathering for Mr. Football, I did NOT make a chocolate cake from scratch and his favorite dinner, lasanga for his birthday. I am NOT becoming semi-domesticated.
-I did NOT learn from my mistake last week and only cook 4 nights this week...I would never deprive my husband of home cooked meals everynight...he ALWAYS eats everything I cook...right.

-I do NOT have the worst toothache of my life right now, so much so that I'd extract it myself if I could. I did NOT drive out to the drug store in the middle of the morning after being at work all night to buy Oragel because I couldn't tolerate the pain anymore.

-The hubby did NOT say I smelled like and old man when I came to bed this morning...due to the toothache I did NOT use Listerine over and over trying to numb the pain, and he did NOT ask my why I smelled like Bengay.

-I did NOT learn the most devestating news about my close friends baby this week. This is NOT happening...

-I am not praying for this amazingly sweet baby with everything I have. He is NOT having surgery today at 10:15 and we are NOT hoping that this will only be a Wilms Tumor. People do not pray for certain types of tumors, that would be wrong.
But if people did pray for certain types of tumors, a Wilms Tumor is much more treatable and has better outcomes than a please pray.

Make sure to check out MckMama for more free therapy, sorry this week's wasn't as lighthearted as usual...