Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Thanks to MckMama, I finally have something to look forward to Monday mornings...Not Me Monday where we get to confess all the things we did NOT do. Make sure to check her out for more laughs!

I have NOT totally been in a funk lately, causing me to become the laziest person on earth. I have NOT neglected my wifely duties, doggy mama duties and blogging duties leading to me becoming not a very interesting person to be around.

I am NOT coming out of my funk, starting yesterday.
I did NOT break a major rule of our marriage this week...going to Target unattended. I would NEVER spend an obscene amount of money just because I found cute things. I would then NOT try to sweet talk the hubby into thinking that I needed those things...he didn't buy it.

I did NOT really really really want to go out at midnight Friday night to be one of the first to buy Twilight the movie. I am NOT that childish and it did NOT make me feel like I was in junior high again waiting for the newest Backstreet Boys CD to come out...yes I confess, I was one of those girls. Don't judge me.

The hubby and I did NOT go looking for new cars the other day. I did NOT fall in love with the Chevy Traverse and I'm not dying to get one now. Hopefully soon!

So tell me, what did you NOT do this week??

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Back

I know I've been gone awhile and really I have no other reason except that I've been in a funk lately. I'm tired and grumpy all the time. I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything...which includes blogging. I'm blaming it on the weather. I am truly feeling the winter blues, especially since Friday was the first day of spring and its still only in the high 30's here.

Yesterday we planned to have a cookout with some friends to celebrate the first weekend of spring and to cheer ourselves up...I almost canceled it because it was flurrying in the morning.

I didn't though and even though it was cold we still had a good time. My bestest Cookie and I took Jax and Boo for a walk during the afternoon. It was pretty entertaining to figure out who was walking who. I figured since I made a promise to make him a better behaved pooch I should stick to my word. We're working on it...

Bryson came over with his parents and he amazes me everyday. He's now learned to blow raspberrys and stick his tongue out whenever he sees the camera. Genious. Love him.

Today Mr. Football started his Spring football league. He left pretty early, and of course woke me up in the process so I watched Twilight (obsessed, I know). We napped this afternoon, like I said, we've gotten pretty lazy...Had an early dinner and I walked Lulu after. He's been feeling under the weather also so he stayed home.

I did buy a fabulous dress today for a wedding this May. Our bestman from our wedding will be getting married in Chalreston this summer and Mr. Football is a groomsman. I can't wait!

So I'm officially getting over my least I'm making an effort. I plan to be a better blogger, wife and person altogether. I'm not going to lie on the couch under a blanket and keep my nose in a book any longer. I'm going to get outside with the dogs and work on my "summer body" cause obviously my actions have lead to a pretty horrific "winter body".


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just precious

These pics were just posted and I felt like I had to share them. My dear friends the P Family have been going through the toughest time of their lives, their 6 month old Bryson was diagnosed with cancer just a month ago...

Even after surgery, more tests than the average adult, several rounds of chemo, etc. I can pretty much say he's the most beautiful baby in the world. (I am not at all biased) Their wonderful friend and photographer JP of JP Photography has been kind enough to capture these shots of this little man...


Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to "Not Me! Monday" hosted by the talented Mckmama! This is where we can confess all the things we didn't do...Because we all obviously live perfect lives and never do anything wrong. So here are the things I didn't do this week...

I did NOT take a blogging break this week. I would NEVER completely neglect all of my blog friends that way. I did NOT forget to check my blog for several days and then decide, whats a few more? Not Me!

I did NOT have a melt down at work one night. I was NOT overly stressed and overly tired and I did NOT take it out on everyone. I did NOT decide that I need to take a break from work-related activities for a little while...

We did NOT have a scare with Bryson this week. He was NOT back in the hospital for his 2nd round of chemo and he did NOT have an episode where he turned blue for several minutes. We were all NOT totally terrified and the doc's did NOT think he may have had a seizure. Scary. He's NOT doing totally fine now and he may NOT get to go home tomorrow.

Silly boys, always finding a way to scare their mama.

Our new dining room table did NOT come on Tuesday! I'm NOT totally excited and I did NOT go out that day and buy new stuff to decorate with. The delivery men are NOT coming back again this Tuesday to bring my last dining room chair that they claim "wasn't in stock" even though I waited for everything to come in before I scheduled delivery.

I did NOT learn at our NICU Nursing conference this week that it is inappropriate to have "relationships" with the patients. They did NOT spend an obscene amount of time telling us this was against the law...our patients are babies, whether their our patients or not isn't that always against the law???

The hubby and I were NOT totally lazy this weekend, literally we did nothing. I was NOT the instigator of this and I did NOT sleep more hours than I was awake. He was NOT totally bored...poor hubby.

We did NOT doggysit Maliboo, Mama Cookie and Mr. T's pup this weekend so they could roadtrip to Florida. (Good thing I was being lazy this weekend because who doesn't want to roadtrip to Disney??) She did NOT make me realize how lazy my dogs are (they fit right in) because she was sooo animated. Some people say that after having 2 kids adding more is no big deal, well I did NOT learn that that doesn't apply to dogs.

Maliboo...please excuse the green fuzz. She thought her bed was too firm.

The dogs have taken over...sorry for the quality, it was late and I only had my cell phone.

Well those are the things I most definitely did NOT do...what about you? Make sure to check out Mckmama's blog for more "Not Me's!"

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Thanks to Mckmama, I now feel like I have something to look forward to on Mondays...her fabulous blog carnival "Not Me Monday" where we can all share the things we would never admit to doing...Here goes!

After deciding a few weeks ago that I need to get my butt in gear and work some extra hours for our mini-vaca's this summer, I did NOT decide that I've had enough and I'm burnt out from working extra hours. I also did NOT think that maybe we don't need to go to all of the weddings this summer...

While at our Kick-off Meeting for March of Dimes I did NOT get tearful when the Ambassador family shared their story of their previous 24 weeker who is now a little over 2. I was NOT completely excited when after I walked in he looked at me over his little glasses and said "HI Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated!" (Ok he said my real name but I wrote that for blogging purposes). I also did NOT completely blank out during everyone elses speaches because I was too busy watching all of our NICU grads running around. I DON'T really have a great job...

I did NOT spend hours on a poster presentation with Little S this week for our Conference. I am NOT totally impressed by our really awesome chest cavity that we built on the poster as a visual aid for our disease. I also am NOT totally annoyed that a poster we spent hours on, other people spent minutes on and are getting the same credit.

I was NOT completely intimidated at our Benefit for Bryson meeting on Thursday. I did NOT let all of those opinionated "helpers" walk all over me. I did NOT want to quit as the chair of the event, just a little.

The hubby and I did NOT have a little or big spat one night while I was at work. (when I work a lot of days together or a lot of overtime, we might get a little nasty with each other) I was NOT thouroughly mad that he had made plans for an out-of-town overnight excursion and not tell me about it until the night before. I was NOT so mad that I didn't even want to give him the girlscout cookies I had bought him when I got home that morning...(he didn't go btw, and I shared my cookies)

I did NOT ask the hubby if I could go on a roadtrip to Florida with my bff Cookie next weekend...he did NOT ask me if I remembered our fight mentioned above...

We did NOT have an exhausting weekend playing cards and bowling with our friends. It was NOT super fun, and we are NOT huge dorks...

I am NOT exhausted thinking about my week ahead, and its only Monday...

Well it's a good thing that I didn't do any of these things this past week. What didn't you do??