Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Back

I know I've been gone awhile and really I have no other reason except that I've been in a funk lately. I'm tired and grumpy all the time. I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything...which includes blogging. I'm blaming it on the weather. I am truly feeling the winter blues, especially since Friday was the first day of spring and its still only in the high 30's here.

Yesterday we planned to have a cookout with some friends to celebrate the first weekend of spring and to cheer ourselves up...I almost canceled it because it was flurrying in the morning.

I didn't though and even though it was cold we still had a good time. My bestest Cookie and I took Jax and Boo for a walk during the afternoon. It was pretty entertaining to figure out who was walking who. I figured since I made a promise to make him a better behaved pooch I should stick to my word. We're working on it...

Bryson came over with his parents and he amazes me everyday. He's now learned to blow raspberrys and stick his tongue out whenever he sees the camera. Genious. Love him.

Today Mr. Football started his Spring football league. He left pretty early, and of course woke me up in the process so I watched Twilight (obsessed, I know). We napped this afternoon, like I said, we've gotten pretty lazy...Had an early dinner and I walked Lulu after. He's been feeling under the weather also so he stayed home.

I did buy a fabulous dress today for a wedding this May. Our bestman from our wedding will be getting married in Chalreston this summer and Mr. Football is a groomsman. I can't wait!

So I'm officially getting over my least I'm making an effort. I plan to be a better blogger, wife and person altogether. I'm not going to lie on the couch under a blanket and keep my nose in a book any longer. I'm going to get outside with the dogs and work on my "summer body" cause obviously my actions have lead to a pretty horrific "winter body".



Ashley said...

The dress if fabulous!

I've been in a funk lately too but that is probably because I despise my job and dreading monday typically ruins my weekends. bleh.

I'm gonna work on getting out of the blues with you!

jlc said...

YAY for being back!!!! Missed you lady!!

Ohhh I cannot agree with you more about the blues. We've had THE longest winter and I so can't wait for the Spring and a new workout routine!

Love your pics!!!

The Mrs. said...

I was wondering what you were up too. And I agree with you isnt winter over yet?! dash-1 is confused... he thought it was spring, we keep going in circles over this. I want the warm weather just to end the CONSTANT discussion.

That dress is adorable! Have you gotten some cute shoes to go with it yet?

Aileigh said...

Glad you are back! I was wondering what you had been up to! Hopefully spring is well on its way here! Cute dress and glad to see Bryson doing well! :)

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Glad your back! I was missing you and your fun posts~

Sarah said...

I love the dress!!!!!!

Ashley said...

welcome back! i feel so bad that it's still in the 30s there! i will wish warmer weather your way!!

Mary Teresa said...

You were taking a little hiatus. Totally allowable! I'm glad you're back and starting to feel better.

We've been keeping the little one in prayer and he looks to be doing ok with his cute little tongue!