Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Thanks to MckMama, I finally have something to look forward to Monday mornings...Not Me Monday where we get to confess all the things we did NOT do. Make sure to check her out for more laughs!

I have NOT totally been in a funk lately, causing me to become the laziest person on earth. I have NOT neglected my wifely duties, doggy mama duties and blogging duties leading to me becoming not a very interesting person to be around.

I am NOT coming out of my funk, starting yesterday.
I did NOT break a major rule of our marriage this week...going to Target unattended. I would NEVER spend an obscene amount of money just because I found cute things. I would then NOT try to sweet talk the hubby into thinking that I needed those things...he didn't buy it.

I did NOT really really really want to go out at midnight Friday night to be one of the first to buy Twilight the movie. I am NOT that childish and it did NOT make me feel like I was in junior high again waiting for the newest Backstreet Boys CD to come out...yes I confess, I was one of those girls. Don't judge me.

The hubby and I did NOT go looking for new cars the other day. I did NOT fall in love with the Chevy Traverse and I'm not dying to get one now. Hopefully soon!

So tell me, what did you NOT do this week??


Lindsey said...

Haha! THese are fun! I def was the one of the first at Blockbuster to rent Twilight!

littlesack said...

I think Lost is getting good. i thought last weeks episode was REALLY good. I just hope some more answers start coming..
like, why is sun not with everyone else?
where is Farday (dead or alive?)
was claire in the room with Jack's dad last episode?


NovelTeaMommy said...

Like the new header : )

So far I've been able to control my Twilight urges. As much as I want to see it, sleep is better for me right now!

New Girl on Post said...

I love these!

I did not nap on Saturday afternoon instead of unpacking our stuff.

I did not eat cereal for two of my meals on Sunday.

Emily said...

ahh i love target and I told my husband I want the twilight movie.. he was like... u wont watch it.. uh yes I will:)everyone needs a break every now and then.. im sure you didnt neglect your hubby!!

Ashley said...

I still need to get Twilight - it's killing me not having it! Hopefully tomorrow night!

I'm not allowed to go to Target unattended either!ha!

Happy Not Me!

littlesack said...

ok- im only providing you with this if you dont make fun of how much of a lostie i am! promise?
this is the clip of what people think is claire- scroll down to the video and pic. (not sure if im a believer and i def didnot spot this on my own)