Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This week is flying by and I can't keep up.

-Monday night I was off, but after working all weekend and staying up extra early to wait for Mckmama's Not Me Monday (wait, I'd never stay up until noon after working all night...) I pretty much was dead to the world Monday night. The hubby was a little miffed that I didn't want to hang out with him and would rather nap on the couch on my only night off...

-My tiramisu is a little stronger than I can in I followed the recipe exactly, and now theres too much alcohol for me to enjoy it. Why didn't I use less alcohol? I know that I can't handle a lot... I'll never understand myself sometimes.

-Tuesday I went to our March of Dimes kickoff meeting and it was surprisingly fun! There were lots of cute NICU grads and their families so I was in heaven. I think we're going to do awesome this year, and have fun doing it too.

-After the meeting I went to work for a few hours, I'm greedy afterall and I have plane tickets to purchase.

-After work (midnight-ish) headed over to Little S's house to work on our poster for the Conference next week. Can you tell we're night shift workers, who else would plan to get together at midnight?? Its done by the way...thank goodness.

-Tonight after I make dinner (because I promised the hubby that I would cook sometime this week) I'll be headed back into work a regular shift.

Left to do this week...

-Thursday night there's a benefit meeting for my dear friends the P family and Baby Bryson.
-Thursday night after the meeting, I'll be heading back into work...again. (When does retirement start?)
-Then I'm off for 2 days!!!! I can't wait. I promise to catch up on everyone's lives once mine isn't so crazy.
-Sunday, the madness starts over. I. Can't. Wait.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I am glad the meeting went well, and I hope Bryson's benefit goes good as well. Napping on the couch? Sounds good to me!!

Jordan said...

How is Bryson doing by the way?

Ashley said...

Wow sounds like you are super busy! Naps are necessary with a schedule like that!

Lindsey said...

You are a busy bee!!