Friday, February 6, 2009

Lets go!

This afternoon we are leaving for our ski trip. While it makes me sad to leave with everything going on I think it will actually be a good break. We're driving 4 and a half hours north to play in the snow...something that I've been complaining about all winter. But I'm actually really excited about it.

About a million years ago (or maybe in high school) I was a snowboarding junkie. I'd go several times a week with my Mr. at the time...we'll refer to him as "Mr. Not-so-Motivated"...and I was pretty decent. When he and I decided to part ways, I shoved all of my snowboarding paraphernalia in the back of the closet and locked it away with all my resentful feelings toward him. This included the brand new snowboard and bindings that he had given me that Christmas.

When Mr. Football moved to the blistery north he kept making comments about wanting to go skiing, he's NEVER been out on the slopes. So for the past 3 years we've tried to plan a ski/snowboarding trip for his birthday since he was conveniently born in January...peak snow sporting time. This is the FIRST year we've been able to plan a trip.

I hesitantly dug out all of my snowboarding gear and my snowboard and decided that it doesn't bother me all that much. Actually my snowboard is quite cute and I'm pretty excited to use it for the first time ever (since I've had it for a million years, or 8...) I did have an anxiety attack last night at work about the whole situation. I was thinking about things I needed for the trip and realized my bodacious booty is a little lot bigger than it used to be and that it may not fit into my gear anymore. Side note, I tried my stuff on tonight and it does fit...phew!

So tomorrow Mama Cookie, Mr. T, Mr. Football, Little S and I will be heading north to enjoy the slopes. I'll be using my downtime when I'm sore and I don't can't ride anymore to be checking up on all the blogs I missed during the last week. I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the prayers and encouraging words. We're trying to deal with this horrible situation in the best way we can by being there for our friends. They have a truly amazing spirit and I KNOW that they will overcome this. If you'd like to read her views and feelings please let me know. She has her own site where she updates on his progress and visitors can leave comments. I know she finds a lot of peace reading the comments left on her site, so leave me your email and I'll send you the link.

And since I just can't resist showing his adorableness, I had to post these...

They have a wonderful friend in their lives who happens to be a photographer. They met when their engagement photos were done and she has continued to follow their lives through their wedding, pregnancy, birth and newborn shots. When she found out about Bryson she went immediately to the hospital to offer comfort and support. In the process she was able to capture these amazing photos. These were taken the weekend before surgery. They will have these to remember their precious little boy in the perfect body he was born in. Thank you for being a wonderful friend JP, they are blessed to have you in their lives.


Mary Teresa said...

How beautiful are those photos! So precious.

Good luck and enjoy your ski trip! Hope you make it home without being too sore to walk. =D

Jordan said...

Have a fun & safe trip!

The pictures are so cute. He is adorable!! =]

d.a.r. said...

What sweet pictures!!! Enjoy your trip!

Ashley said...

i hope you really get to detox and relax this weekend, sounds so fun!

I forgot to comment on your last post or two, but i remember you saying that you felt bad bc your blog was suppose to be a happy place... your blog should be a record of your life. And life has ups and downs.. So no worries!! We read your blog bc we like you, not just for perkiness :-P

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous!!! Have so much fun you lucky duck!

littlesack said...

beautiful photos. I'm keeping everyone in my prayers.

have fun on the trip! Hope you aren't too sore when you get back

Lindsay said...

Have fun on your trip and enjoy! Be careful too! I will go give little b some lovin tomorrow probably! You are the best!

Emily said...

beautiful pics:)
have fun on your vacation! it will be nice to get away:)

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Thank you for the update. I was reading some of your friends blogs, and it seems amazing how many of you have rallied around your friends. They are a lucky family to have all of you.
Beautiful pictures.