Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Day

The hubby and I had a pretty relaxed Valentine's Day (which is also our 5 year anniversary)...

Our First Date

-I woke up late, he woke up early (our typical pattern)
-Grabbed some lunch

-Stopped and checked out some campers (for a very exciting reason, details soon!)
-Came back home, he watched the race, I took a nap (I sleep alot)
-Got ready for dinner
-Had to change dinner plans because the restaurant I wanted to go to was Reservation's only, and they were!

-Went to a different restaurant...YUM!

-We had crab and lobster dip, I ordered fettuccine with lobster and he had shrimp and crab delish...and so filling
-I had a glass of homemade Sangria...and I don't drink so half a glass was all I needed

-On the way out of the restaurant I saw someone's dessert
-Cried to the hubby all the way to the car that I now wanted dessert
-He went and bought me a piece of tiramisu togo

-Rented Pineapple Express and Swing Vote
-Got home, ate my tiramisu watched half and hour of Pineapple Express and fell asleep.

We're party animals...


Blablover5 said...

That's far more exciting than my life ever is. And I think getting tiramisu gives you at least 10 points in the awesome scale.

Jordan said...

I'm glad you had a good Valentine's Day!

Ashley said...

yay for to go dessert! :-D

Mary Teresa said...

You are party animals! mY husband and I like to call that "Happily Married." We don't need any crazy over the top anything...just some food and a cute date (generally the husband is recommended.) Glad you had fun!