Sunday, December 7, 2008

an explosion!

I absolutely love my friends, especially on random days like today.

This afternoon the Mr. and I had an impromtu gathering. Mr. T and Ms. Cookie stopped by first, then we invited the P family over. We were watching football and ordered dinner...pretty ordinary. The Cookie family brought over their child, a black lab/weimaraner mix named Boo to play with our children and the P family brought their sweet 3 month old baby B over. Normally these nights are a little more planned, but this works too.

Since getting engaged last year Mr. Football and I decided we needed to save money for the wedding, but we still loved hanging out with our friends. So we started having Game nights, and they became a hit. Each time we had one, we would plan on playing a different game...but we'd always end up playing Cranium Pop 5...girls against guys. Some of my best memories this past year are of us girls beating their pants off!
So after we were done eating our delicious chinese food we ordered (Mr. Football had chili-dogs because ironically enough he's not a fan of chinese food...maybe he should re-evalulate who he married) the baby started getting fussy. At first we could see what was wrong, but then on further examination...

An Explosion!

This sweet baby boy made such a mess he had to go the rest of the night dressed like this...

But he was all smiles! So being the amature photog I try to be, I had to snap some pics...

The rest of the gang played video games and blogged themselves...

Daddy P, Mr. Loves-football-more-than-life

Mr. T and Ms. Cookie

Lulu, Boo, Jax

me, Ms. Cookie, Mama P

Look how cute...Mr. Football looks pretty good with a baby...don't you think?

P.S. Jags and Browns let us down football season over yet??

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The Mrs. said...

I found you via lovely yellow ribbons, I love me a good mil wife blog! As the mom of two I have had my fair share of explosive poops, its an art form really, how they do it I havent a clue but it is something to look forward too later in life isnt it!?